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MODULCEAInsulated acoplac modules

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The structure consists of:

  • Floor Frame: perimeter profiles made of hot formed steel UPN140 (AC 24 UPN 160), longitudinally and UPN80 transversely, all in quality S275JR.
  • Roof Frame: folded 2mm galvanized sheet steel perimeter profiles in quality DX51D, cold formed, with cross bands of welded rectangular tube to support profiled roof sheet plate.
  • Pillars: folded 3mm galvanized steel sheet profiles in quality DX51D.
The structure is coated in phosphochromate primer and finished with a coat of polyurethane resin based paint; dried in an isothermal booth.


The floor of the modules will be finished in 18mm thick phenolic boarding with a homogeneous 2mm thick PVC coating.

Any other type of finish can be applied on request.


Está Consisting of the following elements::

  • False ceiling, white lacquered steel slats e=0.6mm.
  • Mineral wool, 100mm thick with anti-vapour barrier to insulate the roof.
  • 0.6mm galvanized trapezoidal sheet.
  • Gable roof that drains into integrated gutter sections, two rectangular down-pipes. This system ensures a watertight and elegant finish.


The walls are made of sandwich type tongue and groove panels. Lacquered metal embossed on both sides and injected polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg / m3. This type of wall achieves a heat transfer coefficient "K" of 0.48 Kcal / h m2ºC. The total thickness of the panel is 40mm.

Any other type of panel can be installed on request.


Sliding aluminium windows with a white lacquered finish, with 2 leaves and transparent 4 mm glass panes. Optional protection bars.

The doors have a white lacquered aluminium frame and the leaf is a galvanized steel panel on both sides and white lacquered finish, with polyurethane insulation.

Any other type of carpentry and glass can be supplied on request.


The ability to extend spaces with this system consists in adding modules on the same plane and in transversal or longitudinal directions. (Long or short side). In addition, the Acoplac modules can be stacked, gaining in height.


This type of module is equipped with a general circuit breaker and wires with individual magnetothermal protection on the following circuits: lighting, general usage and air conditioning. Wires hidden in the false ceiling and connection in exterior terminal box.

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