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MODULCEAMission and vision

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Ensure that our customers realise that Modulcea products are the result of a job well done that also respects the environment throughout all stages.

With this in mind, Modulcea has promoted a management system based on the following fundamental pillars:

  • Technical and human capacity, based on the on-going training of our staff.
  • Rapid response, based on compliance with deadlines in the tender stage and in the production stage.
  • Developing modular products that require the use of fewer natural resources and lead to a reduction in pollution and the generation of waste products when compared to traditional construction methods. In addition, thre is practically no impact on the site. All these features must be enhanced through good environmental practices.
  • Preventing pollution throughout all phases and in all departments.
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and any other requirements to which the organisation has subscribed related to the environmental issues identified.
  • Serious services that meets customers' expectations.
  • Provided cost of our products.


Preserve and enhance our status as a benchmark business dedicated to the manufacture of modular buildings, preserve the ambition for continuous improvement, customer - satisfaction and the development and innovation of new products.

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