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MODULCEA150 bed hospital

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A modular construction system has been chosen to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of each unit that comprises the building based on the requirements at any given time.

It is a structural design consisting of base-units that form the flooring (transported fully assembled) and trusses supported by pillars.

The material chosen for the structure is S275JR quality steel for the hot-formed profiles and DX51D for galvanized steel profiles.

The main elements will be connected using simple screws provided to reduce assembly time on site. Screws comply with DIN 931, DIN 933 and DIN 912 Standards. Washers and Nuts comply with DIN 125 and DIN 934 standards, respectively.

Structural elements are welded at the factory using arc welding systems with continuous filament in a CO2 atmosphere. The welding process meets the established technical specifications. Welding points are continuous and watertight. The area welded is protected by means of an anti-rust coat of phosphate primer, suitable for galvanised products.

Single-component polyurethane-based elastomer filler is used to seal joints.

Assembly on-line is performed quickly and easily without affecting structural rigidity and stability.

Below, we have listed the features of each of the main parts that make up modular assemblies.


S275 steel (hot-formed profiles) and DX51D (galvanised profiles) with a coat of anti-rust primer and matt lacquered finish will be used for the metal structure of buildings.

The entire structure will be screwed on, which makes assembly and disassembly tasks, if necessary, easier on site.

The structure of the buildings consists of:

  • Floor consisting of base units made with perimeter profiles in galvanized steel with a coat of primer and paint, e=3mm, cold-formed and with galvanized bands.
  • Metal trusses supported by structural pillars, that support the load derived from the roof and galvanized steel bands that support the weight of the said roof.
  • Bracing between pillars for greater structural stability.


Hospital 1

Hospital 2

Hospital 3

Hospital 4

Hospital 5

Hospital 6

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